Curiosities about Lymphatic Drainage

You have heard of lymphatic drainage, have not you? It is much more than an aesthetic procedure, and can be used to treat things that you can not imagine, do you want to know what they are?
Lymphatic drainage has helped patients in the treatment of cellulite, dark circles and even acne, because of the fight against the accumulation of liquid that the drainage is able to provide.
But after all, how does this accumulation of liquid so common in women’s lives?
There are many factors that may be responsible for these changes, but what affects most are the hormonal changes that women know well.
Specialists during the practice of lymphatic massage accelerate the process of locating this liquid up to 20 times, which is essential for successful practice.
Drainage can still be done in patients who underwent vascular, orthopedic and cesarean surgeries, because of an acceleration in the process of tissue regeneration, precisely by taking the protein process and reducing edema.
Always be aware of the professional who is doing your drainage, opt for reliable indications.
The technique should be done slowly and smoothly without attacking the patient’s body, so always be attentive and look for good professionals.

Relaxing massage in summer

Lately due to climate changes and times of the year, the heat has been growing very large, have you felt very tired and lack motivation to do things day to day?
Know that it is normal to be without so much disposition because of this unusual heat. We human beings become more and more tired and we have special needs, like a higher level of stress and it is at that moment that we can resort to the relaxing massages.
The relaxing massage is able to make us to de-stress at that moment in which the body is not accustomed to much heat, so during the treatment the blood stream diminishes the flow and with this we feel the fatigue and the weight of the body, bringing well-being to the patient.
Where can I find this kind of treatment?
In big cities, in spas and even on the beach!
Are you having a beach vacation and want to have a relaxing massage? What if I told you that there are already hotels that offer this type of service facing the sea?
There is no time or place to think about your health.
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Problems with headache


Are you one of those people who suffers from problems and headaches constantly? Did you know that there are alterative techniques that can cure migraine? In this post we will tell you.
Migraine attacks can affect adults and children and their pain symptoms are absurdly strong.
According to the ministry of health, migraine currently affects about 15% of the Brazilian population.
Currently the search for methods that are effective in combating headache has been increasing and thanks to the advancement of technology and health professionals the great treatment that has been obtaining the best results are the relaxing massages.
But now you may be wondering, are relaxing massages not what they do at spas? Do they really work?
Calm down, we’ll explain.
Forget that story that massages are only for other purposes, they are capable of promoting health and well-being, for through their stimuli they find the trigger points of pain and relieve much of the suffering of the patient.
So if you know someone who has headache crises or if you are that person, look for alternative treatments, they may be more effective than you might think.
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Anxiety and physical symptoms

Did you know that anxiety in addition to psychological after innumerable physical symptoms? In this post we will bring some of them.

Anxiety is a disease that has reached more and more people and it is estimated that in the next 3 years the number of people with this problem tends to almost double.

In some cases there are psychic and cognitive symptoms of cluttered, fearful thoughts that are able to affect a person’s life in a very way.

But apart from all these problems, it is also capable of generating physical symptoms such as palpitation, sweating and pain in the body.

But anyway, why does anxiety bring us these symptoms?

The answer is simple: The brain of the person suffering from this disorder sends commands to the body to prepare for a possible danger situation, so people with anxiety are usually more alert to the world, always worried about everything and everyone.

But how can these people be free from this kind of thinking and symptom?

Experts say that among others, the technique of distraction is one of the most effective in patients suffering from this disease.

But now you’ve been curious to know how this technique works, is not it? So let’s go!

The distraction technique already says it all in its name, and consists of voluntarily turning the mental processing into an activity that requires a certain level of commitment, which will be able to leave behind those thoughts and symptoms.

If you are interested in the technique, be sure to look for a specialist to help you fight anxiety.

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