You have heard of lymphatic drainage, have not you? It is much more than an aesthetic procedure, and can be used to treat things that you can not imagine, do you want to know what they are?
Lymphatic drainage has helped patients in the treatment of cellulite, dark circles and even acne, because of the fight against the accumulation of liquid that the drainage is able to provide.
But after all, how does this accumulation of liquid so common in women’s lives?
There are many factors that may be responsible for these changes, but what affects most are the hormonal changes that women know well.
Specialists during the practice of lymphatic massage accelerate the process of locating this liquid up to 20 times, which is essential for successful practice.
Drainage can still be done in patients who underwent vascular, orthopedic and cesarean surgeries, because of an acceleration in the process of tissue regeneration, precisely by taking the protein process and reducing edema.
Always be aware of the professional who is doing your drainage, opt for reliable indications.
The technique should be done slowly and smoothly without attacking the patient’s body, so always be attentive and look for good professionals.