Asia is a continent full of culture and values ​​that have been practiced for thousands of years, moreover, the Asian continent is a full plate for anyone planning to travel.

To help you know a little more about the charms of Asia, we separate a list with 3 destinations not to be missed, are you prepared? Come on.

The first destination we are going to talk about is Japan, besides being the capital of technology, Japan is an extremely safe country for tourism, the crime rate is far below other destinations that could be traced with the same investment.

If you want to know unbelievable buildings, odd culture and lots of good food, go to Japan.

Tip: Do not forget to visit Mount Fuji, Japan’s largest active volcano, but rest assured that the probability of activity is very low.

Continuing our list of unmissable destinations on the Asian continent, now let’s talk about a paradise called Thailand.

Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand is a destination with paradisiacal beaches that are able to leave anyone in love at first sight.
In search of passionate couples, the destination has a hot climate all year round, the people who live there usually say that in Thailand there are only two types of weather: summer without rain and summer with rain, Rain can also help, okay?
And last but not least, let’s talk about the Maldives, a tropical nation that has been giving its talk because of its transparent water and wonderful beaches, the destination, has been well sought after, so if you want to spend your holidays in the Maldives, you should prepare to spend a little more than to the other destinations.